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PDS Advantage

  • Global organisation with strong professionally run sourcing and virtual manufacturing operations in all key markets China, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Turkey and Egypt
  • Own Sample and product development centres in China, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India and Turkey producing over 10,000 new styles/month
  • Design led organisation 150 own designers in key markets to support our customer base
  • Strong team of 2300 professional staff worldwide
  • Successful company that accounts for over 190 global leading retailers and brands as its customer base
  • Financially strong business growing at 30% PA over last 5 years. Large credit and working capital limits with a global consortium of banks to fund similar level of turnover increase
  • Ability to fund increased sales with customers as long as they are passing credit insurance
  • On track to achieve USD 1 billion sales by FY 2017-18
  • Compliance at the core of PDS and strict zero tolerance policy for critical violations. Tie up with Ethics Point who will run a hotline to report any Ethical violations within our global business supply base
  • Professionally managed organisation with deep involvement of promoters having in-depth knowledge of the industry and business
  • Multi product category offer apparel, accessories, footwear, home and beauty products
  • Open transparent ways of working with customers