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The quality, transparency and reliability associated with the brand name combined with an enduring customer satisfaction has established PDS Multinational Fashions as a global strategic manufacturing partner to major brands and retailers. Currently, PDS’ manufacturing operations are supported by its well-equipped leased facilities in Sri Lanka.

Strengthening of manufacturing operations is one of the key focus areas for the Company. In sync with this strategy, the Company will be setting up two dedicated manufacturing factories in Bangladesh, with the aim to further enhance brand equity and drive increased brand consumption. PDS will be establishing facilities – one at Adamjee Export Processing Zone and another at Mawna, Gazipur district, near Dhaka.

These units will be ‘Accord and Alliance’ compliant with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accreditation. Facility and equipment engineering and fabrication, including Fire and electrical safety design will be in accordance with country-specific policies, procedures and practices. The factories will also integrate a sustainable effluent management solution to ensure an environmental-friendly waste management. Further reflecting PDS’ irreplaceable commitment towards Compliance and Ethical practices, the concept of social compliance, Health and Safety measures will be firmly adhered to.

By employing both analytic capabilities and deep domain-knowledge, the Company aspires to deepen its manufacturing abilities, improve efficiency and reduce costs, thus further fueling business growth.