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Customised Service

We work closely with management teams to understand their business model, near and long term goals and set up exclusive teams to service each retailer on a direct basis.

All of our clients have unique sourcing needs, and we build a manufacturing supply chain for their individual requirements and operating practices in order to meet their goals. Dedicated teams are set up for each of our customers to ensure the highest level of service and confidentiality. Each team works closely with the buying teams of customers and works on product development/design to ensure high quality goods that meet the end consumers’ demands and are on retailers’ shelves in a timely manner.

Facilitating Communication and Input From Manufacturers to Retailers

We are a service provider that manages logistics and the complete global supply chain for our customers. We act as our customers’ eyes and ears in all of the worlds’ markets thereby providing market intelligence to our retailer partners. Communication links around our global sourcing network creates opportunities to share knowledge and engage remote partners in design and product development.

Adaptability and Decreasing Lead Times to Allow the Customer to Meet Constantly Changing Consumer Needs

We offer quick response manufacturing thereby meeting our clients’ constantly changing needs even after an initial order is placed. This allows us to meet any changing demands due to constantly evolving market conditions.

Inventory Management

We can hold stock for customers either at source or at PDS Multinational Group’s own warehouses in the UK, Germany, US, or Canada.

Optimize Sourcing Base by Financing Factories

We help finance over 300 factory operations globally. We provide loans to factories in order to allow factories to upgrade their facilities thereby improving their technical and ethical compliance in addition to productivity. We also provide factories with raw materials such as fabric and trims thereby orchestrating an efficient and versatile virtual manufacturing operation.