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Corporate Social Responsibility

The promoters of PDS Multinational are proud to have developed and supported exceptional charitable initiatives across India.

Soham for Kids:

Soham in Sanskrit, is the mantra “I Am That”, which identifies the self as being at one with the world. The Group feels that since we are at one with the world it is our responsibility to improve the world. The mission is to provide underprivileged and orphaned children a quality education which will give them the skills they need to provide for themselves and their families in the future – thereby breaking the vicious cycle of poverty. Soham for Kids takes a holistic approach to helping children by providing them with healthcare, nutrition (two balanced meals a day) and education.

The Soham for Kids staff is constantly involved in developing curriculum, replacing India’s traditional rote learning with modern academic and experiential techniques supplemented with extracurricular activities including music, dance, art, physical education and quarterly education excursions and field trips. Soham is currently helping more than 150 kids to get semi-English medium education in India. The organsiation is making further efforts to address the challenges faced by pupils’ parents and guardians by providing vocational classes for adults after school so they can develop skills and earn income to support their families.

Arpan Education:

The promoters of the group are committed to the education and development of Children in New Delhi. Arpan Believes that the future of any individual, people, country or indeed the world lies in education. Arpan was started on 9 January 2006 to support the cause of the underprivileged. Its aim is to support the school system to enable the underprivileged children to cope with their school work. The aim being that education should lead to change not only in the amount of knowledge gained but also in the abilities to do, to think and to acquire habits, skills and attitude which characterize an individual who is socially accepted and adjusted.

Meena Seth Charitable Clinic:

This is a health clinic located in the Naraina Industrial Area, one of the most populated areas of New Delhi, India and was established in 1983 by the Group Chairman, Deepak Seth to provide free medical care to impoverished people. The health clinic provides free consultancy, treatment and homeopathic medicines to the poorest people in this area of New Delhi.