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PDS offers a full range of apparel solutions for Ladies, Mens, Essentials, Kids, and Babies.

At PDS, we design, develop, source and manufacture a wide range of apparel with each of our product lines developed by a dedicated team of in-house designers. Our design team travels extensively to identify the latest trends and use their skills, experience, and creativity to transform these trends into highly commercial designs.

PDS has showrooms in US, Canada, Chile, UK, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Hong Kong, Australia and South Africa. We have factories located across all major sourcing destinations with dedicated sample workshops always ensuring a quick response and speed to market.

PDS provides products for large international retailers who have brand values that are focused of outstanding quality, style, and exceptional value.

The time and cost efficiencies delivered by our manufacturing partners in the Far East and Middle East results in desirable products hitting the shop floor in record time displaying a competitive price tag.

PDS offers our retail partners a complete solution, from design to production, combining the strengths from China and India in providing an extensive diverse range of accessories.