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Affiliate Group Companies

PDS Group has a number of affiliate companies that sit outside the group. They include interior design, premium fashion and education across the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.


Casa Forma is an award winning bespoke luxury interior design, architectural design, property development, and property search firm headquartered in London, UK. Casa Forma’s team of architects focus on the technical features of property so that function is improved as well as design increasing the value of the property. Casa Forma offers luxury interior design services to a discerning global clientele interested in getting the best of interior design, bespoke luxury, and personalized service. Having both the architectural and interior design teams in house allows Casa Forma to offer a complete design solution in which both the interior and architectural design complement one another.

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Pearl Academy

Pearl Academy of Fashion is a premier fashion, design and management institute of India offering variety of courses in design, fashion management and retail. It has been recently ranked as the 3rd best college offering fashion related courses in India and is ranked number 1 in ‘Competence of Faculty’ by Hindustan Times, one of the leading newspapers of India.

Since its inception 19 years ago, Pearl Academy of Fashion has evolved into a globally renowned institution of higher learning with a global focus. It caters to the needs of the design, fashion, business and retail industry.

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LERROS is a German fashion house, distributing both women’s and men’s clothing. Established in 1983, LERROS is considered amongst the premium casual wear apparel players in Germany. LERROS is also represented in Belgium, Ireland, Finland, Canada, Hungary, Spain, Russia, Austria, Netherlands, and Sweden.

LERROS caters to the premium segment of customers who are quality-conscious and want to wear styles that compliment their lifestyle.



PDS Multinational has partnered with the ‘King of The High Steet’- George Davies- in his latest venture FG4 with Fawaz Alhokair, the Saudi retail conglomerate. There are currently 70 stores trading across 5 countries in the Middle East and Central Asia.

FG4 is an exciting fashion brand for babies, girls, boys and young women. Built around the principles of great design, great quality, colour and real attention to detail, FG4 is a true lifestyle brand.

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