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PDS Multinational Group manages supply chains for major brands and retailers worldwide.

Our Group operates a vast global network covering over 31 offices, 18 countries and over 2,300 employees across Europe, North America, Middle East and Asia. We have a large network of  factories which have been technically and ethically audited to industry standards.

In addition to the broad range and diversity of consumer products available through its extensive international sourcing network, PDS Multinational Group has strength and expertise in custom product design and development to provide total global sourcing solutions for its customers.

Product Development and Design

We are a design-led organisation and our talented design teams offer exceptional product development and design services customised to retailers’ requirements.

Customised Service

We work closely with customers’ management teams to understand their business model, near and long-term goals and set up exclusive teams to service each retailer directly.

Optimize Sourcing Base by Financing Factories

We differentiate ourselves from other suppliers and sourcing firms by investing capital in factories to upgrade their facilities and improve efficiencies thereby bringing about cost savings for retailers.

Efficiency in Supply Chain Management

As a result of our group’s manufacturing background we are experts in running virtual manufacturing operations and building the most efficient supply chain tailored specifically to our customers’ requirements.